The Almond Room (Almendro)

Standard Room that sleeps two adults.

THE ALMOND ROOM (PRUNUS DULCIS) – Standard Double room.

This room depicts our interpretation of Southern Europe meeting the Mediterranean Sea. The room is comfortable and bright, furnished in earthy tones intertwined with blue. This double bed ground floor room with an en-suite shower, basin and toilet, leads on to an expansive terrace with views out to the Mediterranean. The room is air-conditioned.

Almonds in Spain originated in Western Asia and North Africa. The white blossoms produce sweet almonds while the pink ones produce the bitter variety. The tasty almond nuts have been cultivated since biblical times and were highly prized by the Greeks and Romans. Almond trees quickly spread around the shores of the Mediterranean. The Moors first introduced them to Spain in numbers. According to one charming legend, an 11th Century ruler of Seville, the Caliph Al Mutamid, was responsible for planting great almond orchards all around Cordoba. His favourite wife, Al Rumaikiya, was homesick for the winter snows of her childhood home in the north, and to please her Al Mutamid had the plains and hillsides surrounding the city planted so thickly with almonds that when it blossomed the entire countryside looked as though it was blanketed by a late winter snowfall.


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