The Carob Room (Algarrobo)

Standard Room that sleeps two adults with an option of two extra single bed for children under 12 years.


This room is comfortable and earthy and reflects the colouring of the curled pods which adorns this magnificent tree. This double bed ground floor room with an alcove which can accommodate up to two single beds for children under 12 has an en-suite shower, basin and toilet and leads on to an expansive terrace with views out to the Mediterranean. The room is air-conditioned.

Also known as St. John’s Bread, the Carob tree is an indigenous evergreen tree of the Mediterranean region and some parts of Western Asia and the Middle East. The carob is cultivated primarily in the Mediterranean. Carob plants bear pods which are used for various purposes.

A kind of gum known as the locust bean gum is obtained from the seeds of the carob. It can reach ten meters in height when fully grown. The carob possesses compound leaves, bears green coloured flowers and large violet brown coloured fruiting bodies called bean pods or carob pods. The carob was traditionally used as a food and animal feed in countries bordering the Mediterranean. The carob pods were believed to be the food that the biblical John the Baptist ate in the wild, for this reason, the carob is also known as the St. John’s bread


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