The Fig Room (Higuera)

Superior room that sleeps two adults.

THE FIG ROOM (FICUS CARICA) – Superior Double room

This comfortable and bright double bed room located upstairs accessed by a flight of stairs and leads to a private balcony with beautiful views over Aigües and its backdrop of the Mediterranean. The room has underfloor heating for comfort in the cooler months as well as air-conditioning for the hotter months. Furnishings include: King-sized double beds, reading lamps, desk, air-conditioner, water fountain, mobile phone charging facility, towel warmer, hair dryer, double basin, toilet and large shower as well as terrace furniture. The doors and windows are fitted with mosquito nets for use in the summer months.

Known as the common fig, the tree has been cultivated since ancient times and grows wild in dry and sunny areas and is well suited to the Mediterranean climate.

In 1769, Spanish missionaries led by Junipero Serra brought the first figs to California.

The common fig is grown for its edible fruit. Figs can be eaten fresh or dried. They are a good source of dietary fibre and the essential mineral, manganese.

In Greek mythology, the god Apollo sends a crow to collect water from a stream for him. The crow sees a fig tree and waits for the figs to ripen, tempted by the fruit. He knows that he is late and that his tardiness will be punished, so he gets a snake from the stream and collects the water. He presents Apollo with the water and uses the snake as an excuse. Apollo sees through the crow’s lie and throws the crow, goblet, and snake into the sky where they form the constellations Hydra, Crater, and Corvus.


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