The Olive Room (Olivo)

Standard Room that sleeps two adults with an option of an extra single bed for a child under 12 years.

THE OLIVE ROOM (OLEA EUROPAEA) – Standard Double room

Like a wise old Olive tree, this room is comfortable, spacious and decorated to communicate the beauty of gnarled olive wood. This double bed ground floor room with an en-suite shower, basin and toilet, leads on to an expansive terrace with views out to the Mediterranean. The room is air-conditioned.

The olive tree is the symbol of peace and divine blessings. Its branches were made into crowns and worn by Greek brides, Roman conquerors and the gods who lived atop Mount Olympus. Olive branches were also placed on chimneys and over doors to ward off lightning and keep sorcerers, demons and wicked ghosts at bay. The olive tree and its fruit have been used in healing spells, love-magic and fertility rites. Its oil has been used to anoint altar candles, bless religious statues and fuel sacred lamps.

The Spanish equivalent of the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is “Aceite de oliva, todo mal quita”. (Olive oil makes all pain go).


Precio desde: 350 por 2 noches


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